The most dependable moisture meter for finding the source and extent of water damage

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When restoring a building after water damage you need a dependable moisture meter which will deliver consistent and relevant information to help you determine the source and extent of both visible and invisible water damage.

For a restorative drying professional to carry out the restorative drying process correctly, the moisture and humidity conditions of the building structure and its environment need to be monitored during the drying process, as well as at the beginning and end of the job. This cannot be done successfully without the proper equipment. Restoration professionals and claim adjusters depend on moisture meters to monitor this drying process and acheive pre-loss conditions. Tramex instruments and kits are an essential part of a Restorative Drying Professional’s toolbox.

By choosing the Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus, you are equipped with the most reliable moisture meter for finding the source and extent of water damage. From finding burst pipes to ensuring that all the water has been dried out during remediation, the Moisture Encounter Plus is the world's most dependable meter. 

Leave no moisture behind! 

It is imperative that all excess moisture is dried during the remediation process. Remaining excess moisture is conducive to mold, wood destroying organisms and structural damage. Don't take risks, Test with Tramex!!

Tramex has been supplying moisture meters to the Water Damage Restoration industry for over 30 years and all our meters are backed by the Tramex commitment to customer service.

Moisture Detection and Moisture Mapping

Editorial by Ronan Carrigy, Tramex Marketing Associate

Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus on drywall

The goal of moisture detection in the water damage restoration industry is to identify and assess abnormally wet locations of buildings, structures and their materials so that the drying process can be measured, documented and carried out effectively and in an economical and efficient manner. The building investigation and/or restorative drying professional should establish the source and extent of the moisture damage that has occurred as well as a baseline moisture content objective or ‘drying goal’.

Excess moisture and humidity left within a building environment or its structural elements is the cause of damage to structural materials such as rot, mold growth, reduced insulation values, failure of flooring, roofing and wall support.

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a non-destructive overall building inspection moisture meter which has applications for numerous industries

Wood & Timber

Detects moisture through paint, floor coverings, wood, roof coverings and ceiling tiles.


Detects moisture through Paint and Wall Coatings


Detects moisture in Roofing, Plaster and Brick


Detects moisture behind Tiles

Moisture Encounter Plus Specifications

Many unique features that make moisture measurement and evaluation fast, precise and versatile.

Moisture Encounter Plus Keypad

Three ranges of sensitivity: Wood & Timber / Drywall & Roofing / Plaster & Brick

Materials: Drywall, wood, plaster, brick, ceramic, porcelain tiles, resilient flooring, laminates, asphalt composition shingles and most building materials

Weight: 7.7oz (220g)
Size: 6" x 3.5" x 1.5" (150mm x 85mm x 38mm)
Construction: ABS Body
Power: 9 Volt PP3 Battery
Display: Analog
Depth of penetration: up to 1 ¼ " ( 30 mm ) (in wood and drywall)


What our customers say..

L. Flohr (N. California)

We recently went through a serious water damage to our home which resulted in serious mold situation. We noticed that even mold remediation used this quality when detecting moisture in the walls and in the floors. When searching for a rental house, this helped us screen out rentals with water/moisture issues. The only tricky part of it is when assessing concrete areas but other than that, it is an excellent tool to have and I think everyone should own one!

James Rich

This device allowed me to move more moisture and gray water remediation in house ….. . I have used it on carpet, drywall, and brick and it has worked very well. It has even helped me trace the origins of problems hidden behind walls.

Kenneth W. Ludwig

This non-destructive moisture meter is a great way to test surfaces that appear to be wet and locate water sources causing damage.

Science Guy (Seattle)

Easy to use and understand. Has a new Hold button so you can put the meter under something where you can't see the face of the meter. Push the hold button and the reading doesn't change when you take it off the surface. Push Hold again to release the reading. I have earlier versions, that I paid twice as much for, and like this one better.